Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady

I don't know what got into me. I've had many ridiculous ideas before, but this one, this one was good.

My sisters and I have the age old joke that if any three of us don't get married in the next few years, one of us may become the crazy cat lady. It's not that I hate cats, I just don't like them. Kittens, on the other hand-like the six little ones in a brown box labeled "FREE" sitting outside Wal-Mart today-are so adorable.

I picked up an adorable little orangish-red one. I would have named her "Spicy", because "Ginger" is derogatory, and "Big Red" didn't sound cool. I think I picked her up because she was making the most noise and the little "meows" were like, "Max! Take me home! Please! I won't pee on your floor! Take me with you!"

I was with a client at the time. She picked up a little black one, and two other teenage girls picked up a white fur-ballish one and a black/orange/white tigerish one. We stood outside the store like that for a good 20 minutes. 5 were spent calling my client's mom, where we got the answer 'no'. The other 15 minutes were spent trying to convince myself not to walk away with the kitten in my arms.

My reasons for not taking the kitten:
1) I would have to buy cat toys.
2) The kitten would turn into a cat :(
3) Litter boxes smell like dung holes.
4) I would unsubconsciously start my journey down the road of becoming the crazy cat lady.

I put the kitten back in the box and told the man that I would be back in ten minutes. We ran into Wal-Mart, got our snacks and goggles, and while we were making our way to the check out counter I called my roommate.
Me: "What would you say if I brought home a kitten?"
Her: "I hate cats."
Me: "Yeah, me too."
Her: "If it was a dog, that's another story. I'd be okay with that."
Me: "I agree. Cool, just checking!"

There's still hope for me!

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