Friday, February 29, 2008


I got on a train with my best friend. The ride was short, but one of the best ones I've been on. My best friend gave me my favorite flowers three times, but all three times I couldn’t keep them alive. So, for Valentine’s Day, my best friend gave me paper tulips-the kind I couldn’t kill. My best friend brought me diet coke when I stressed over essays, exams, and presentations; one had caffeine and the other was caffeine free so I could decide whether I wanted to stay up all night or not. My best friend knows what my top three favorite candies are and brought them to me often when it showed I had had a bad day. My best friend and I love each other. We found that we weren't headed for the same station, though, so I got off the train tonight. I know he will find someone else to go to that train station with. But for now, I'll wait to get on another train when I figure out where I want to go.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Every Tuesday, in between classes, there is a devotional at 2 pm that lasts for an hour. I think I've made it to at least 6 total over the past 3 semesters since I've been up here at BYU-Idaho. This semester, more than ever, I've been more crunched for time and feeling the heat of deadlines and exams; needless to say, I haven't felt it a priority to attend devotional. I spoke with an old roommate who strongly recommended that I start going because even when she didn't think she had time, she went, and somehow received blessings of finding that extra time here and there to get work done. Yesterday I decided to try it out. The meeting was a really good one. I only fell asleep for 15 minutes in the middle, but definitely caught the key points of the talk.

The best part? Today I had 4 or 5 hours of free time that I found out of nowhere! I have a huge exam in my History of Psychology class that I hadn't studied much for, so I thought, "Perfect opportunity to cram." Well, it sort of backfired on me. I got to the library and fell asleep (again) on my psych book (which was at least open) for a good half hour. I only woke up because my younger sister found me, in which we shared the highlights of our days for another good hour. Then, 'America's Next Top Model' was on, so naturally, we watched that for an hour. And finally, I ran into my old roommate (the same one who gave advice about attending devotional) and decided to go over to her new apartment to look at wedding and honeymoon photos.

That brings me to the, almost-midnight-haven't-done-a-lick-of-studying, present. I have so much to be grateful for everyday. I guess I should always be prepared for blessings, especially the blessing of free time and use it wisely. I must say however, I'm pretty sure I could take a fierce photo shot pretending to be a hot homeless girl who just happens to be wearing a designer pair of jeans, blouse and handbag. Thank you, Tyra.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frugal Wars

So, me and my oldest sister feel it very important to pinch pennies now because she is paying off student loans, and I never know when Victoria's Secret will hold a huge underwear sale and there are items I simply cannot live without. About two years ago, we started a "frugal war" in which we both banter back and forth to see who is the cheapest. I think I set the standard when I refused to buy milk at $6 a gallon in Hawaii and opted for powedered milk-just thinking about it makes me throw up a little. It amazes me what you will put in your body when you're near starvation.

She had to beat that, so she informed me she would not go to the bathroom at her apartment to save on not having to buy toilet paper. She held it and would even get up at 5 am to be at the gym by 5:30 when it opened to use their restrooms...and their toilet paper. She even sunk so low as to steal a few rolls. Then again, who hasn't? This extreme cheap action forced me to take drastic measures. I called her sometime last year to let her know that whenever I go just #1, do I really need toilet paper? Right? I think we all know who won that round.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Girls, You Should Know

We all know boys like girls. Boys like girls a lot. More than a lot. Some boys can't function without a woman's sweet touch. Her amazing influence. Sometimes a boy will try to convince a girl that he is good enough and she should just date him. To this, I say, "Sure. But, I know what's in it for you, and trust me, it's damn good. Before I give you a chance, tell me, what's in it for me?" And after this, a girl should wait patiently for a boy to show her what he's got, and if it looks good enough (which is rare) then you know he might be worth the bumpy road ahead-Oh! the bumpy road ahead!

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