Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brian WIlliams, My News Hero

I usually don't like to watch the news for two reasons. One, being that most of news is sad, depressing, or scary. As a new mom, I've got my own fears of Lauren choking on something, calling Grandma "Mom" and not recognizing me, and wanting to call the doctor when we've reached the fourth day of no poop; and that is without the news' stories of the negatives. The second reason is because Jeff and I don't have cable so we haven't had the chance to catch much news.

Recently, he figured out how to get a few select channels for free by streaming them from our HD television. We get NBC, ABC, and PBS (and a handful of Spanish soap opera channels.) Tonight, Brian Williams reminded me that there is a lot in the world that is not negative.

I think I can rest peacefully after a story like that. I am curious, however, as to where that chicken came from?

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