Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank the Good Lord, It's April!

I mean no blaspheme by the title. I'm genuinly grateful it's April. February is the longest month for me, mentatlly-and ironically it's the shortest month of the year. March always goes by surprisingly fast. I've expereinced quite a bit the past few months, but March I learned a lot. I learned I can love children like they were my own just because I don't know if anyone in their short lives has shown them what real love is.

I've also learned (today) that when one of my little clients says, "I hate you, " and storms to her room just because I made her turn off the television to finish our reading really means, "I'm frustrated. I hate reading because I'm not good at it...but thank you for helping me through it because Mom and Dad don't read with me."

April is a great month. The grass is growing greener, the birds chirp more beautifully, and the days are longer. Today, was April Fool's day. The best one I heard went like this:

Text message @ 8 am: Were you in on this?
Me: In on what?
Text: I woke up to some pretty decorations on my car.
Me: haha! really? i don't even know what car you drive. was it bad?
Text: well, apparently i was "just married".
Me: haha! congrats!
text: oh yeah. laugh now. but there will be hell to pay when i find out who did it!

Haha! It doesn't get much better than some innocent vandalism!

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