Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Compromise!!!

We're in our 34th week and I honestly don't know where the past month went. Jeff and I are getting really excited and trying to squeeze everything into our one bedroom apartment while looking for something a little bigger!

I've learned that with marriage comes some compromising. We don't seem to have issues with the toothpaste cap, which way the toilet paper dispenses (top vs. bottom), which pictures should be hung where, etc. No, for awhile our biggest compromise was which bedspread to have on our bed.As you can see, he loves his classic blue and white checkered blanket and I can't part with my classy green and white duvet covered down comforter. For maybe 2 weeks we had this set up until Target saved us with a homey comforter we both love.

I think the big things in life (marriage, kids, etc.) come with a lot of compromising, but in a good way. Jeff and I have learned a lot about each other, likes and dislikes magnified, and really grown to appreciate our differences. We've also laughed off a ton of things. You have to have a good sense of humor, it's one of the greatest gifts I think God gave us to get us through some of the everyday, sometimes mundane, things.

I wonder what things we'll have to compromise when the baby comes? Already I've had to compromise and share half of my closet! My sisters, mom, and a few church friends threw me the most wonderful baby shower. I feel so loved and supported, it never seems to end! This little one coming into the world will have an amazing family and community she's coming into; and, not to mention, she'll be one of the best dressed babies out there!

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