Thursday, May 19, 2011

Think of a Wonderful Thought!

Any happy little thought! (Peter Pan theme song.) Jeff, Lauren and I just got back from our vacation in California. We had a wonderful time and did everything on our list.

We ate at "In and Out", went to the beach (even though it was rainy and overcast), headed to Santee Alley, and played for an entire day at Disneyland. Jeff's only disappointment with our Disneyland day was that we weren't the first ones in line when they opened the gates. He thought that maybe there would be a grand entrance for the first devoted Mousekateers!

I have to start at the very beginning. The highlight at DIA, and proof that old age doesn't equate to maturity level, were the automatic, industrial hand dryer's in the ladies' restroom. If you hold your hands a certain way, it makes a farting noise!

Lauren was overstimulated from the get go. She waved at all the other passengers, screamed
excitedly out the window before takeoff, and had we packed any less fruit
snacks we might have been in trouble with her ears popping.

Saturday morning, we all got up and by the crack of noon were out to the beach. It was spring weather, so we didn't wear suits. We just rock hopped, shoreline dipped our toes, and Jeff got
soaked by an oncoming wave hitting a group of rocks. The best find of the day? A vibrant red crab!

Sunday, we literally hung out all day at my in-laws. We went on a walk to a nearby park, and if one thing other than the weather and the beach would get me to move to California, it would definitely be all the green. I love how green the parks there are. Lauren and her cousin love playing on the playground, and Lauren started quaking, "QUACK" more clearly!

Monday, we headed downtown to Santee Alley, which is like Chinatown to San Francisco, only people there call it "Mexicotown" because there are way more South American shop owners than oriental. We found the good finds, bought the good buys, and bargained the already good bargains. Jeff expertly negotiated a $125.00 watch down to $120.00. With the $5.00 saved, I was able to buy a belt and 4 different neon colored nail polishes. Screamin' DEAL!

Tuesday, well, Tuesday deserves it's own post. So, stay tuned for pictures and details about our Disneyland Day!!!!

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