Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fashion magazines really promote hot and modern trends?

I have found that the fashion industry is very interesting. I'm not sure what is fashionable and what is disgusting because some of the outfits on the runway today look like what a third-grade girl would throw on for school. There are tons of patterns, clashing colors, and belts with everything. So, when I wear tennis shoes (my cute hot pink Nike Cortez) with a cute white skirt and a fun top, I don't see how that is stepping outside of the box (me, hinting to a few sisters who question my style!) These days, you could walk into a local D.I or Goodwill and pick up practically any four or five articles of clothing and pull them off as fashionable.

It really fells like the uglier the clothes, the more hip and trendy. Go ahead and find a floral blouse with black-leafed accents, a cat-embroidered vest (maybe with touches of actual fur on it), a neon yellow, black, orange, and red plaid skirt (tweed, of course), and top it off with a pair of adorable navy kitten heels or black pumps. The rules of fashion are....well, I'm not sure there are any rules. Just go with what your style is, and if that cat-embroidered vest happens to have a "Chanel" logo, than it's definitely fashionable. And as long as the knee high boots with crocodile print and the bells on the back strap are Prada, they are hot. No other questions asked.

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