Thursday, August 7, 2008

Car Noises

My boyfriend makes these incredibly real-sounding car noises with just his mouth. Whenever I try to imitate or replicate the noise, I sound more like a laser gun going off or a gust of wind blowing by rather than a car zooming around corners. I think he said one time that girls can't make car noises. It's a guy thing. I've recently realized, however, that girls (or at least I) CAN make some car noises! When I click my tounge, I ultimately sound like a car blinker. Think: in my car, turn on the blinker, and wait for light to change green.

To do: open your mouth the long way, as if you were grinning and click. Then, right after that, open your mouth as if you were saying, "YOUUUU!" and click. Repeat this several times to the rhythm of your car's blinker, and you will sound just like it!

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