Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures at Costco

I recently got hired on as a seasonal worker at the Parker Costco warehouse. The job is great, it's low stress, the other workers are fun and friendly, and all in all it's a good place to work. I would really like to be held on as a permanent employee, so we'll see at the end of my "try out" in three weeks.

Everyone should try working at Costco at least once in their lifetime. The greatest thing about working there is the free samples. Of course the free samples are great even if you're just a member, but because I am there a couple days out of the week, I get free samples on lunch breaks, 15 minute breaks, and inbetween running from the front end to the back end on customer requests.

I think my chances of staying on are pretty good, though I see some cons to every pro that supports managment's decision to keep me on the core staff.

1) Pro: Management likes my good attitude, how I smile a lot, and my personality.

Con: For the first week, management thought my name was "McKenzie" because my hair covered half my "Maxene" on my name tag.

2) Pro: Management asked me to extend my 4 hour shift to an 8 hour shift last week.

Con: They also asked the rest of staff if they would extend their shifts (later I found because two guys from coporate were coming to check things out at our store.)

3) Pro: Management has been putting me in a lot of different positions (front end assistant, door checker, self-checkout helper, go-backs, etc.) and teaching me a lot of new things.

Con: The other 75% of the time they don't know where to put me, so they send me to clothing to fold for the rest of the 6 hours.

The bottom line is, I actually really enjoy this job. Whether or not they keep me on, it's been a great experience. It makes for some good stories and it makes it easier for me to compare prices from other retail and grocery stores.

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