Saturday, February 28, 2009

What People Collect

It's funny what people collect in their life times. Me, for example, I hate to hold onto things because I'm always thinking about moving. When I'm in one place too long, I get antsy and need a change (though moving for me is quite stressful, change is good). Sometimes just changing my room around is all I need. Sometimes changing how I organize my dish towels does the trick. And, every once in a while I need a change in how I look so I'll chop my hair really short, work out harder--or the opposite, start eating more!--or buy clothes that necessitate a new look. Why, I often like to frequent the D.I (Goodwill) or second-hand stores for retro styles or antique jewelry.

Idaho Falls has a ton of second-had stores, pawn shops, and antique stores that are full of old crap. I work in the old historic down town, and within a mile radius of our building, I think I could count a dozen and a half of these stores. I walked into one the other day with a client, and we were in garage sale heaven....well, all except the prices. I swear, if anyone pays for a Snoopy camping glass, originally from McDonald's in the 1980's, for over $8, they're going to regret it 10 seconds after purchase. Now, I'm not saying it would be a bad investment. I'm just saying that I'm glad I left the store empty-handed with the rationale that I would think about it and if it's still there this Wednesday, I MIGHT indulge a little.

I used to collect a lot of Peanuts memorabilia. I still have a lot! But over the years I've been able to get rid of my duck collection, moose collection, and someday I'm sure I'll have to downsize my kitchen towel and fabric collection (that is, if I never get to the 20 or so sewing projects I have in my head.) I feel okay about my collections, because I learned from my Mother who collects dish sets. We still give her a hard time about this, but I'll tell you something, now that all her kids are moving away, it's a lot cheaper to inherit one of these sets than to go buy your own!

People collect the weirdest things. From wolves, to music that has never been opened, to obsessive cleaning supplies. I've seen it all, and I must say at this point there is no surprise and no limit to what people collect.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day!

I'm one of those girls who loves-LOVES-Valentine's Day. This was the first year I had a date with someone very very special...and it was a hilarious day. In the past, I've always asked the guy out. I've always been one to chase the boys and ask if he would be my Valentine. But, this year, it was a mutual thing and it deserves to be blogged. (Is that a proper verb tense?)

We started by having dinner at 4 pm at a very nice and fancy restaurant. Near the waiting area was a giant bowl of jelly beans, so of course I joined the other 3 or 4 kids in scooping handfuls to take to my table. To our left was an older couple, almost as old as the couple to our right. They both looked like they might be from Florida. We ate 3 loaves of bread, and around half a stick of butter. This place was awesome (Del Frisco's) because whenever it looked like you had just a little bread left, the bread boy would be right there switching out the baskets with a new, fresh, warm loaf. We split this amazing steak and potatoes, and almost puked walking out to the car because we ate so much! It was also still bright outside when we left the restaurant. That was new for us.

We then noted that the night was still very young (5:15 pm) so we drove downtown and walked around the Cherry Creek Mall. Of course we only stopped by the cooking stores and the watch store, everything of which was over-priced (but I made a mental list of things I'm going to search for at TJ MAXX and ROSS.)

Then, we rented "Madagascar 2" from the RedBox and bought 4 bags of candy and pop. We took our movie and snacks back to his house and got doped-up on sugar while we watched our movie, after which we both crashed into a 3 1/2 hour nap/coma.

Needless to say, I had a great time. I felt like a little kid again/older retired couple. This weekend has been great. But, for real, diet starts today...or tomorrow...we also went to the grocery store yesterday and bought day-after candy on sale. (Seriously, who passes up a 4 lb. bag of Valentine day candy for 50% off? Not this girl.)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Makes the World Go Round...

I had a really negative view on the real world and what really makes it turn. For a long time, I always thought it was money. You need money to do this, and money to do that. You need money to impress him (or her) and then you need money to keep him (or her). It was getting really draining. Living on my own has taught me: dollars in=dollars out for rent, food, utilities, etc. etc.

Well, I decided I wasn't going to take this view anymore and I've since decided that kindness makes the world go round. Really! I'm not trying to be cheesy, or greeny, or granola. Kind people real make or break it in this society. I've also learned that even if I'm homeless and begging for money and stressing over where to find my next meal, someone is always kind. The church is kind. Most people have good hearts.

I've also decided that karma, in some aspect, is real. And, if I do my part, things will just work out. How? I have no idea! But, they do for me. When I'm kind to people, and I'm talking the genuine, I-want-to-get-to-know-you kind, people respond positively. Things work out.

So, call it what you want to. Love makes the world go round. Genuine people make the world go round. Kindness makes the world go round. Honesty really helps. Last I checked, you can't buy any of those with money.

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