Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leftovers, Episode 2

It's been awhile since I last wrote, so again, the leftovers have been piling up.

Tupperware thought #1: My sister, husband and I went down to the Castle Rock Outlets recently to go shopping. One of the only things on my list were denim capri's. Think Cameron Diaz character in "What Happens In Vegas" at the very end when she is on the beach. Super cute, super dark, rolled up capri. Anyway, everywhere we looked the price ran anywhere from $60-$110 (reference, True Religions). While I would LOVE to own a pair of designer jeans, I'm not spending full price for half a pair of pants.

As we kept walking, I told my husband that my price range was under $20. At the rate we were going at, I was thinking I might need to hit up Goodwill or my sister's hand-me-down piles. Anyway, we decided to slip into the Lucky Brand Outlet. And as luck would have it (pun intended), I found a pair of capri's for $9.97. They were THEE last pair, and I won't mention the size as I had to squeeze my bum into. Seriously, I got lucky at the Lucky store.

Tupperware thought #2: I'm okay with people owning dogs. I'm usually okay when they bark once in awhile or pitter patter above our apartment. I'm not okay with my neighbors not picking up after their dogs. My daughter is super independent right now and loves to walk and run in the grass. Right outside our apartment, I see dog poo everywhere.

I don't understand. Every 20 feet or so in our complex there are doggie bags provided and special poo trash cans. Here's the way I see it. Some people have kids. Some people have pets. Some people have kids and pets. I have a kid. I don't have a pet. Do I have to change my kid's diaper? Yes. Does my neighbor take his/her dog out to take care of business? Yes. Do I toss my dirty diapers out my window? No. Should I? Maybe. I mean, there's already a waste land within throwing distance. What's the difference between me not picking up after my diapers and someone not picking up after their pet?

Are you sensing one of my biggest pet peeves? I won't name names, but there is a certain bald guy with a huge dog who thinks he's flying under the poo-poo radar....

Tupperware Thought #3: I started watching "Prison Break" again and it's just as addicting and captivating as it was the first time I watched the series. Michael Scofield is just fun to look at. I can admit that he is super good-looking because my husband and I point out people who are super good-looking to each other. (Including each other!)

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