Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Bunnies

I love Easter! This is my favorite time of year. And, while it maybe should be Christmas, I stand by my differences! I love that spring is around the corner, I love wearing (and eating!) pastels,

I love the weather, etc., etc. I especially love chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies! So, the motivation behind this post? Recently my family threw me the best baby shower ever and I saved their thank-you's for the last. This put mailing those thank you's out a couple days before Easter. So, naturally I decided to mail a chocolate-covered marshmallow bunny in each

Just to be safe, I took my stamped envelopes into the post office, thinking at most it might be a couple extra cents or so per envelope. I was way off. To mail one, 1o cent chocolate marshmallow bunny from area code 80134 to 80016 costs about $1.22! I realize not very expensive per envelope, but do you know how much a marshmallow weighs?! The postal office man said it had little to do with weight and more that it was about 1/16th an inch thicker than the alloted 1/4 inch! Unless I wanted to risk the bunnies arriving as mulch, flat treats, I better just pay the extra $4 for my letters.

Anyway, it was totally worth it. Everyone deserves to have their own chocolate-covered marshmallow bunny for Easter. Even my sister, Kelly, who probably hates them!

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