Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smart Phones, too smart?

I got a really cool gift for Christmas this year. Well, I actually got several really cool gifts this year. The tops: automatic soap dispenser, shoe shopping and lunch with my sisters from my dad (coolest gift ever!), car phone charger, True Religion jeans (yes!), and lo and behold: and iPhone 4s!

I should start, however, by disclaiming that I never had interest in getting a smart phone for several reasons. The most becoming reason being it is a huge responsibility. We're going from being a girl who never spent more than $60 out of pocket on an up-for-renewal upgrade, to being the proud (and nervous) owner of a new $300 phone that does everything but shave her legs.

Don't get me wrong, smart phones are A-MAZ-ING! But there is so much more responsibility owning a phone that costs more than all the counter appliances in my kitchen combined (excluding my kitchenaid mixer...another great present from my mother-in-law!)

For the first week I was so nervous with my new phone. I stored it in a ziplock bag as to not get any incriminating crumbs or lint left behind in my coat pocket. After the initial shock of owning the iPhone, I settled in to learning all that the phone can do. And it can do a lot. As my friend Samm demonstrated, Siri can guide you in "where can I stash a body?" (I know, but it was really funny at the time. Siri came up with some interesting solutions.)

The other thing I learned, is pressing the middle button does not end a call. You have to touch on the touch screen, the "END" button. So, a friend got to hear me sing an extended sing-along session with my almost-two year old.

Well, there you have it. The smart phones today are indeed....smart! You just have to learn all the ins and outs [and basic functions] to be a savvy smart phone owner!

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