Monday, February 6, 2012

Potty Products, Overload!

While online searching for a potty training seat to go over the big potty, I came across an Eco Friendly Bamboo seat. Tell me why you'd buy anything bamboo other than your cutting boards and maybe some place mats?! I'm amazed at how many products are out there and am curious if any of them actually work.

Something that makes me laugh is when I click on someone's website who is trying to sell their potty training product and they really rip into the other products out there. One such product that really gets to be the "bum" of everyone's harsh criticism are "Pull-Up's". The jury is still in session on this one for me. I hear a lot of mixed advice when it comes to the magical underpants-diaper.

For now, I'll skip the bamboo toilet seat and the lot; however, I can take some idea from this all-natural product in my approach to having a diaper-free household: I'm going to take an "all-natural" approach in the sense that I'm going to train Lauren in the way I assume my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. were trained. I can't imagine that my grandma bought a $40 peeing dolly or a $34 hippo shaped little potty. I'm not even sure she did a sticker chart, but I'm not opposed to the sticker method...if only stickers meant something important to Lauren. So far, chips and pieces of candy cane do the trick!

I'm sure my grandparents (and relatives) used a no-nonsense, "this is what you do so you're gonna do it," approach. Or maybe the old, "no one else in nursery class wears diapers, you don't want to be the only stinky toddler, do you?" method. Either way, I'm planning on saving my money until I need a last resort. Even then, I might have to spend my earned pennies on a one-time only drinking binge to keep my sanity.

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